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If you shop with us and pay with Piratechain, you will always get a 15% discount at the checkout, on your entire order! Yes, that’s right, 15% off, always! 

With this discount, we hope to encourage people to use $ARRR and not just HODL it. Piratechain was made to use and change the world, let’s do so!


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Ahoy mateys!

At we value privacy mighty much. ’tis wha’ made us huge fans o’ PirateChain. So we decided t’ create all sorts o’ Pirate stuff fer the fans o’ this amazin’, ‘n one o’ the few real cryptocurrencies. We hope that  by promotin’ this amazin’ project, more scallywags will start t’ use $ARRR as a valuable ‘n fully private currency, aft all that be wha’ ’twas meant fer! 

In case ye ‘ave any riddles or suggestions, please contact us any time. We would love t’ hear from ye!

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We are said to announce that for now, due to circumstances, we can not deliver to countries in Asia and Africa. We hope that will change in the near future! ships to Europe, the America’s and Australia & New Zealand. We apply a shipping fee of €5.00. Free shipping for orders over €100.00!

*Due to global supply chain issues and lock-downs in some countries, shipping time may be longer than usual. Please be patient, your orders will arrive asap!

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