Diamond Hooks

Diamond Hooks

I’ve been thinking about how to ensure Hyperpiratechainization. Within this context, it recently struck me as interesting that Christianity, essentially a hard fork of Judaism, was able to acquire the most market share in the religious space — nearly 2.4 billion people; more than 30% dominance. So what was the initial condition or seed value that ensured Christianity would …

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Hyperpiratechainization by Zardigrade

Hyperpiratechainization (ARRRVID-20) is a Piratechain induced fiat currency demonetization. Hyperpiratechainization is the voluntary transition from inferior and inflationary currencies to a superior and encrypted cybercoin; its adoption is a series of individual acts of entrepreneurship. The process of hyperpiratechainization is inexorable because the state cannot ban piratechain, i.e., restrict competition. Piratechain don’t care about borders. …

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