Our first broadcast is planned for January 2023,

Stay Tuned!

WeARRRpirate.com is sailing the airwaves

We ARRR going to try a new thing, an online radio show where Pirates from all around the world get to participate and promote our beloved Piratechain!

Go to our broadcast page by clicking the button below.


What ARRR we doing here?


As said, we are hoping to kick off an amazing radio show/ podcast where any pirate, anywhere in the world can become a part of! We will not only be discussing anything Piratechain related, but a lot of other topics too. The world's so crazy, anything goes now!


The goal is to offer talented writers and people who know their stuff a platform where they can write articles about Piratechain or crypto in general.  If you would like to have a shot at it, email us at info@wearrrpirate.com, and we will get back at you asap!


Websites and hosting cost money, even some of the plugins we need for this website charge a fee. Instead of just asking for donations (which are more than welcome of course!), we offer some amazing Piratechain merch in our store, which will be used to fund all of this. So please check out our store!

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You could help us a lot by buying some of our awesome merch to keep this site going, or donating a tiny bit of your treasure to our wallet. For donations, use the QR-code, please. 

Keep your dirty fiat, lol

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