There can’t be freedom without privacy

There can’t be freedom without privacy

Privacy is a very important part of someone's personal freedom. This is something one does not need to explain to most pirates. But you'd be surprised how many people don't understand the importance of privacy when it comes to freedom. This does not only apply to privacy in financial transactions, this applies to all aspects of daily life. Can someone have freedom without privacy? would like to share some thoughts on this.

The myth: I got nothing to hide

I am sure you have heard people say this. Even now that the world is becoming more and more a clown world, with totalitarian measures being implemented in almost every country in the world, the majority of people still think that giving up some privacy can not hurt them. Or that it is a necessary evil to fight crime and keep society safe. But of course, nothing could be further from the truth. 

There can't be freedom without privacy

Privacy or secrecy?

“Secrecy is the act of hiding information. Privacy is about being unobserved — being able to have my own experience of life without the eyes of anyone else on me.” 

Most people think that the words privacy and secrecy are synonyms, but there is a huge difference. As relationship coach Bruce Muzik states: “Secrecy is actually not even closely related to privacy. They just get confused,” Now I am not saying that Piratechain is not about 'hiding your treasure', because for me personally, it sure is! But the desire for privacy is in my opinion more a case of not wanting to be observed, rather than wanting to hide something. It is more a case of where I spend my money, who I spend my time with, or even something seeming so innocent as the products I am interested in, is none of your business. It is my business, and it is also my business whom I like to share this kind of info with. Or to use the description of Louis Brandeis regarding privacy: “the right to be left alone.”

Freedom without privacy is impossible

Well, imagine the following situation. You expressed your opinion on a political issue on a social media platform. The day after, the police show up at your door with a warrant for your arrest. Or you lose access to your bank account because of your opinion. Far-fetched you say? Unfortunately, in countries like China, North Korea and Iran to name a few, this has been the reality for years. But I don't live in those countries, you say? 

Haven't you noticed that society has changed dramatically in recent years and that even in the West now there are numerous examples where people got into trouble because of their opinions?
The world has changed forever since 2020 and the new normal unfortunately has nothing to do with washing hands and wearing masks or keeping a distance of one and a half meters. The new normal is that you no longer have the freedom to say or express a preference. And things are not going to get better in the coming years, in this regard.

There can’t be freedom without privacy

Stay free, avoid the all-seeing eye

The surveillance state has been manifesting itself more and more by the day since 911. Until eventually it will take forms of a hideous monster. None of this would have ever been possible had ordinary people not had the mindset that says, “I have nothing to hide” or “It's for the safety of us all.”
It sometimes seems that the people who have invested in privacy coins are the last threshold the elite are fighting against. The majority of people are still unaware of any wrongdoing or simply do not dare to stand up for their freedom. In this respect, history teaches man that man has learned nothing from history. 

There can't be freedom without privacy

Therefore, in my opinion, it is our task to continue to fight for freedom, or what is left of it. And maintaining privacy on all fronts is a big part of that. Whether it is in the area of finance, or communication, we must try to make as much use as possible of the technology that keeps us out of sight of the evil eye. Not only for our personal freedom, but for that of all humanity. Without privacy, freedom is not possible.

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